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Dear Friends


I had a chance to refresh my batteries, as it were, in early June, on holiday. Sue and I went with friends of long standing, to North Wales. We were able to do walks, and as usual there were different places to explore. Each time we do this we learn something new about the area in which we are staying or discover limiting factors in the distances we plan for ourselves.


I hope whatever your are able to do in the summer months, that even it is by just closing your eyes and taking a walk, imagining God’s beautiful lush green countryside and what you might encounter on your little journey. Bird song, wind in the trees, bees collecting pollen or cattle, sheep and horses enjoying their interaction with nature. Perhaps a stream running over pebbles? Can you catch your breath and say ‘Thank you for our open spaces God?’


At the end of June, in the Anglican Church calendar celebrates the lives and the martyrdom of the Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul. They, of course, went on journeys to spread the word of Christianity in the middle east. They would have encountered many folk, from different nations and creeds, whilst giving the good news of God’s love.


Let us pause a minute and contemplate the political parties that have been doing the rounds. They have been canvassing for the July election. We hope that as the new session of Parliament in Britain takes shape, that they too can balance the needs of all.


Ourselves and politicians would do well to take heed of the words Peter spoke in Acts Chapter 10: 34 and 35


‘I realise that it is true that God treats everyone on the same basis. Those who worship him and do what is right are acceptable to him’.  GNB


I will hope to expound on Peter and Paul in my June 30th service. So if you don’t catch it on the day, then it will be available on ‘You Tube’ for St Neots United Reformed Church. But it is our corporate role as Christians to try and worship on a Sunday, in whatever way we can.


May God bless you this summer and be with you and everyone you meet. 




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