Dear Friends,


Last week I was at the church waiting for a workman to arrive and when I looked up at the clock at the back of the sanctuary I noticed that it was not the correct time.  During the long time that the church has been closed the battery had gone dead.  The clock had stopped.  I thought to myself, that this was an appropriate image for this year of COVID.  It feels in so many ways like time has stopped!  The church has been empty of active and worship for most of the year and our church life has been suspended with most of our contact taking place on a computer screen.


We are now hopeful that slowly and carefully the clock will start moving again and our church life will begin to re-emerge.  We should be returning to in-person services on Pentecost Sunday 23 May.  We will still need to maintain social distancing, wear masks and keep our services shorter with no singing.  If the infection rates remains low, some of these restrictions may gradually be lifted.  


A video camera and equipment that will allow our services to be live streamed and recorded has been installed in the church.  This will bring some changes to how our services are shared using various media.  If the system works as we think it will, our services will be live streamed on Sunday at 11:00 AM using a YouTube link.  After the service is finished there will be a recording available that will allow you to watch the service when it is convenient for you.  We also intend to make an audio recording of the service which will be sent out to our email list, posted on the website and WhatsApp group.  If you are unable to attend our in-person services, there will be a number of ways that you will be able to continue to worship with us.


Let us continue to pray for our church fellowship as we restart the clock!